Aw, smurf, uttu!

Far, far away in a land where houses are shaped like mushrooms, live 100 tiny blue people called Smurfs. Some scholars think that Smurfs dropped out of mushrooms, while others are sure they just Smurfed out of nowhere.

Knock it off! You sound like smurf!

No one knows for sure except the Smurfs themselves…and even wise old Papa Smurf, their white-bearded leader, isn’t telling. Suffice to say that all by themselves the Smurfs built a wondrous village deep in the forest run on happiness, or as they call it “Smurfiness.”

It’s not likely that you’ll find your way to the Smurf Village. The only way to get there is to be guided by a Smurf himself…and they’re usually too busy for that. When they’re not busy working or playing, they’re pretty Smurfin’-busy thinking about something to be bust with! It’s a lively life for people only 3 apples tall, but the Smurfs wouldn’t have it any other way.

Smurfs are friendly , loyal and kind to each other except when they’re competing for the friendship of the only woman in town, the Smurfette. Who can blame them…there’s nothing like dancing in the arms of a lovely Smurfette!

Smurfs are always on the lookout for new friends to have fun with. They’re good listeners, great companions, and energetic playmates. Step into the wonderful world of Smurfs…You’ve got a friend!!

Song Title: Smurf a Happy Tune
From the album: The Smurfs All Star Show Album

If you got a problem, if you’re feeling lonely
everything is smurfing wrong
Try looking on the bright side, smurfing on the right side
troubles will all soon be gone

If you got a long face, don’t be such a disgrace
faces shouldn’t be so long
Try to smurf it better, forget the story weather
by whistling a happy song